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Tank Feeding Bulk Powder
Tank Feeding Bulk Powder

Tank Feeding Bulk Powder

The FB-CCM/CIM/CPM Tank Loading Mass Flow Meter realizes quantitative and accurate loading and one-button operation of powdered bulk materials, greatly improves loading efficiency, saving labor costs and improves working environment. At the same time, combining with other intelligent automation devices, the bulk powder process is fully automated, which is a new type of environmentally-friendly quantitative loading equipment.

Applicable:Cement, fly ash, mineral powder, alumina powder, calcium carbide powder, etc.


Flow Rate:250~1200m³/h

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1. Like a “gas station”, loading as required quantity;
2. One button to start loading automatically;
3. Since the release process is automatic and stable, accurate loading, the equipment can protect the environment and improve the working condition;
4. Height of 700mm is enough for installation, and the modification period is as short as 1-2 days;



TypeWeighing Range
FB-CCM/CIM/CPM 250E250 m³/h
FB-CCM/CIM/CPM 450E450 m³/h
FB-CCM/CIM/CPM 600E600 m³/h
FB-CCM/CIM/CPM 800E800 m³/h
FB-CCM/CIM/CPM 1200E1200 m³/h


  • FB-DRWF Double-layer Rotor Weigh Feeder
  • FB-CMF Coriolis powder weighing feeder
  • FB-RCM Granular material rotary feeder
  • FB-CCM/CIM/CPM Tank Feeding Bulk Powder


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