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Precise cost reduction and intelligent efficiency improvement


On December 20, 2023, the “Building Materials Industry Carbon Peak Carbon Neutral Action Summit Forum and the Second Council of the Fifth Session of the Association” hosted by the Henan Building Materials Industry Association was successfully held in Dengfeng City. Henan Fengbo Automation Co., Ltd. was invited to attend this meeting.

This meeting aims to further improve the industry’s green and low-carbon development level, accelerate the province’s building materials industry to implement “dual carbon” actions, and lead the industry to transform and upgrade to high-end, intelligent, and green.

Manager Yang Deqiang of Fengbo Marketing Center shared a wonderful report on “Henan Fengbo Cement Bulk Unattended Intelligent Loading System” with the guests.

Fengbo unattended intelligent loading system

The current situation in the cement industry is becoming increasingly severe, and investment in intelligent equipment is a win-win choice for cement companies. The intelligent transformation of cement dispersion has a direct impact on the economic benefits and safety risks of cement companies. It not only improves the delivery speed of bulk cement, but also avoids potential risks when people climb on the roof, saving time and effort.

Fengbo Cement Bulk Unattended Intelligent Loading System is a new type of intelligent equipment composed of a vision system, operating mechanism, servo control system, and drive motor unit. Through the close connection of various parts, it effectively solves the problem that traditional bulk loaders can only simply lift. problem, it realizes automatic lifting and lowering of the bulk head and intelligent alignment of the filling port, which improves delivery efficiency. Compared with traditional bulk machines, it does not require manual manipulation of the bulk head to move forward, left, and right, reducing the time of repeatedly adjusting the vehicle position. In addition, it The advanced visual system can visually observe the docking situation, reducing the risks for workers.

Product advantages

1. Automatically and intelligently identify counterparts, with self-learning ability, strong environmental adaptability, and high recognition accuracy;

2. It takes up little space, is about 450mm high and can be installed, and is equipped with a dust collection interface to achieve environmentally friendly loading;

3. There is no need for manual instructions to frequently adjust the vehicle, and the loading efficiency is high;

4. The driver can use the mobile phone system to operate the bulk truck by himself. At the same time, the mobile phone has two modes: automatic mode and manual mode, which can be switched freely and the operation is simple and fast.


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Through the in-depth exchanges and learning at this meeting, we have become more confident in continuing to help the building materials industry achieve low-carbon and green development in terms of measurement, and it has also allowed us to clarify the needs of users and the direction of product improvement.

In the future, Henan Fengbo will continue technological innovation, actively explore paths for energy conservation and carbon reduction, continue to use intelligent and digital technologies to empower measurement technology, and make positive contributions to promoting the green, low-carbon, and high-quality transformation and development of enterprises in the building materials industry.

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