Warmly welcome Academician Ye Shenghua of Tianjin University and leaders of Yuanyang County to reorganize Fengbo Metrology Silicon Valley Industrial Park to visit and guide

2020-12-28 15:52:07

On October 25, 2020, the team of Academician Ye Shenghua of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Yuanyang County Mayor Wang Baoming, Deputy County Mayor Yang Juntao, County Science, Technology, Industry and Information Bureau Director Jia Xinsheng and many other leaders visited Fengbo Metrology Group-Metrology Silicon Valley Industrial Park for visit and guidance. Chairman Yang Dezhu, Vice President Chen Lixin and other relevant leaders warmly received several distinguished guests. Academician Ye Shenghua has always paid great attention to the development of Fengbo Metrology Group. Since the establishment of the Fengbo Academician Workstation in 2011, Academician Ye has visited the enterprise many times to guide innovation and development.

Henan Province Dynamic Metrology Academician Workstation

Introduction of Academician Ye Shenghua

Ye Shenghua, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Precision Instruments and Optoelectronic Engineering of Tianjin University, academic leader of the national key disciplines of measurement technology and instrumentation, and the first director of the State Key Laboratory of Precision Testing Technology and Instruments.

To visit the metering Silicon Valley project sand table

At the Metrology Silicon Valley Industrial Operation Center, Chairman Yang gave a brief introduction to the development of each subsidiary company and the new technology currently being explored and developed to academician Ye and Mayor Wang. He would like to share with you the field of metrology technology that Fengbo will involve in the future. The VIP made a brief discussion. Next, the distinguished guests visited the metering Silicon Valley project sand table. Chairman Yang personally introduced the overall location, project planning and current project development progress of the metering Silicon Valley project to the distinguished guests. After listening carefully to Chairman Yang’s introduction, Academician Ye said that he would pay attention to the development of the Metrology Silicon Valley Park and help the park invite experts in related fields to evaluate and guide the overall development direction in the future.

Visit Fengbo Automation Intelligent Production Line

Afterwards, the distinguished guests, accompanied by Chairman Yang, visited the metering silicon valley 37#-Fengbo intelligent production workshop. Chairman Yang introduced the workshop’s intelligent three-dimensional storage system, standardized assembly console, product testing mechanism and Fengbo intelligent cloud service platform to the distinguished guests. Distinguished guests randomly checked the real-time cutting accuracy and operation monitoring curve of the cloud platform user’s metering equipment, and the metering accuracy and stability of the Fengbo Coriolis scale and the Fengbo intelligent cloud service platform can help users perform fault warning and early diagnosis. , The advanced Internet of Things application that remotely guides quick maintenance expresses his praise.

After the visit, Academician Ye affirmed Chairman Yang’s achievements in the field of dynamic measurement. He said that the field of measurement needs an entrepreneur who is obsessed with technological innovation like Chairman Yang. He hopes that Chairman Yang can continue to do a good job in the Metrology Silicon Valley Industrial Park project The measurement industry chain is bigger and stronger.

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