Screw Feeder

Screw Feeder

Feeding Rate: 1~100t/h, 2-160 m³/h

Measurement of materials: Powder material such as fly ash, cement etc.

Application fields: Mining Industry, Coal Industry,Power industry,Chemical Industry,Ceramic Industry,Metallurgy Industry, Building Material Industry and Alumina Industry etc.

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  FB screw feeder(Screw Conveyor) is a kind of measuring equipment for feeding control, dynamic measuring and continuous conveying bulk material and powder. It can be widely used in building materials, chemical, coal, ports, ceramics, food, and other industries.


  ● FB-DMC-01A intelligent controller is adopted

  ● Compact structure & steady operation

  ● Automatically calibrate and measure system zero

  ● With the function of self-diagnosis and can be connected to DCS system

  ● Single tube single layer and double tube double layer can be chosen


  When material is conveyed through screw from inlet to outlet, the material weight can be detected by the lode cell on the electrical weighing device under the conveyor and a signal in proportion to the material weight will be generated and transmitted to the controller. Meanwhile, the speed can be detected by the speed sensor installed on the tail pulley and a signal is also generated and transmitted to the controller. By multiplying the weight signal and the speed signal, the instantaneous flow value and total accumulation can be calculated. The control system compares the actual flow signal with the set flow signal and then regulates the output signal through PID to adjust the feeding speed dynamically and thus to realize the continuous feeding.


  Weighing accuracy: ±1%

  Conveying capacity: 1~100t/h