Stainless Smart Weigh Feeder

Stainless Smart Weigh Feeder

Feeding Rate: 50kg/h~15000kg/h

Measurement of materials: Pharmaceuticals, granulated sugar, wheat, corn, tobacco leaf, limestone, iron ore, sand, clay, slag etc.

Application fields: Plastic, Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical, Tobacco, Feedstuff and Building material Industries etc.

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Product Introduction

FB-WFS weigh feeder (small-scale weigh feeder) is perfect equipment for continuously weighing and feeding bulk materials with feed rate 0.1~1.5t/h. It is a high-tech smart product integrating conveying, weighing and quantitative control.

It can be widely used in medical, food, chemical, tobacco, feedstuff and building material industries.

Technical parameters

1. Weighing Accuracy:≤±0.2

2. Feeding Capacity:0.1~1.5t/h

3. Feeding regulation range: 1:10

Product Features:

1. Single-point sensor design to avoid error brought by dual sensors during signal transmission, as a result to ensure weighing accuracy ≤±0.2.

2. Weighing plate adopts high strength aircraft aluminum alloy, with forming technology at a time, to ensure flatness and improve accuracy.

3. Belt replacement is easy and fast. One person can complete it in a few minutes