The Features of Loss in weight feeder


  The Features of Loss in weight feeder
  Loss in weight feeder , short for Loss in weight Feeder, is a continuous feeding device to measure the material flow by the decrease rate of material in unit time. As measuring flow rate in an approximately static weighing method, it is simple, high precision and practical. It is widely used in power, pharmaceutical, food, chemicals and building materials industries as the measurement equipment for powder material, granule material and bulk material, giving precise measurement and continuous feeding control to the various components of the material.
  The control system adopts PLC + HMI or intelligent instrument which is very easy to operate and is stable and reliable. It can display state of the feeder and also have friendly human-computer interaction interface.
  The Features of Loss in weight feeder :
  1.With simple and reliable structure design which prevent material impact during feeding efficiently and ensure excellent material flow inside the storage bin and short re-feeding time and also ensure transmission system operate well and in good linear;
  2.Suitable material: non-cohesive powder and solid granule;
  3.Accurate continuous feeding;
  4.Full discharge without residue, easy and simple to clean;
  5.easy to stall and operate;
  6.High feeding precision;
  7.Widely measuring control range;
  8.The Control system can be PLC control or dynamic control instrument, which can set flow rate and operation mode, indicate total accumulation, instantaneous flow rate and output as well as other parameters for complete feeding and discharge control and also can indicate working state and alarm;
  9.The control system is in modular design and can be connected to upper computer, PLC or DCS through the instrument and communication interface. It is very stable and reliable